Monday, January 15, 2018

House of Marco Olconio, Pompeii 1860s

House of Marco Olconio, Pompeii 1860s
Photographer: Roberto Rive, Naples, Italy


Jozie Lynn Stahl, PA, USA said...

Thank you so very much, Jan. We looked thru many of the photos in your collection and I felt like they were gifts of see places and peoples, most long gone. Particularly, the Pompeiian man frozen in stone. But so many...Marc Chagall surely looking like he could be in one of his paintings. A long ago Oasis in the desert. So much time... Ordinary streets with ordinary men and children alike working. I could step into those scenes...

Thank you again!

Jozie Lynn Stahl

Servatius (Jan Weijers) said...

Thanks a lot Jozie Lynn Stahl. nice to see that you enjoyed my photo collection. Jan