Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Elizabeth Snowden with twins Eleanor and Grace (1870s)

Elizabeth Snowden with twins Eleanor and Grace (1870s) 
Photographer: W. Elliot, Penrith 


Zack Dadfar said...

Hi, this may be relevant to my dissertation in which I am researching an Eleanor Snowden who published poetry in obviously the children in this picture can't be her... unless the date is wrong? Would you be able to confirm the date and source please?

P.S. Obviously if I do end up using this you will receive full credit and will be mentioned on the Wikipedia page, of which I am yet to create.

Servatius (Jan Weijers) said...

Hi Zack,
The photo is most likely from the 1850s (instead of 70s). That time William Elliot, the photographer, was active in Penrith (Crown Square).