Saturday, January 25, 2014

Servant, washing a baby, 1880

Servant, washing a baby, 1880 
Photographer: H. Hirsch, Berlin 


Isabella said...

I don't think she's feeding the baby (there isn't a bottle and her blouse isn't open) but washing the baby. The hair of the child is matted with soap ( you can see the wash basin and water pitcher to the side). There also appears to be a towel.

I'm curious about the 1880 date. Her clothing suggests more 1900's. Also, she is a servant and not the mother of the child.

Servatius (Jan Weijers) said...

Thanks Isabella for your comments. You seem to be right if I take a closer look to the photo. However the photo is dated 1880. I will change the description. Kind regards, Servatius (Jan)