Saturday, January 21, 2012

"Miss Curiosity".  
Photographer: Edmund Osterloff, Poland (c1908)   


plaisanter said...

This is gorgeous! And I love that she is barefoot.

Basia said...

She's my cousin, named Sophie Osterloff (married Lazutina). The photografer was her loving father (and my ... grand,grandpa).
This photo was made in Tbilisi (Russia).
Barbara Osterloff
Warsaw (Poland)

Servatius (Jan Weijers) said...

Thanks a lot for your information. Nice to hear that as well the photographer as the model are former relatives of you. It's gives the photograph extra "value". Do you have more photos or information of this photographer?
Thanks, Jan (Servatius)

Barbara said...

The photographs of Edmund Osterloff (1863-1938)can be found in the National Museum in Wroclaw (Poland). He became a member of the elitist Polish Photo Club in 1932.
I would like to ask you if, it would be possible to reprint the photograph of "Miss Curiosity" in my article, that I prepare for the scientist magazine (non-profit)?
Best regards from Warsaw.

Servatius (Jan Weijers) said...

Hi Barbara, No problem to use my photograph of Edmund Osterloff in your article. Kind regards, Servatius (Jan)

Barbara said...

Thank you very much.
Last month in a polish village Radomsko, there was an exhibition of Edmund Osterloff's photograpies, taken from the National Museum in Wroclaw (Breslau)collection. Unfortunately, you were not able to see it, but I hope you will come to see the next one, wich is being planned in the future.
Best regards.

Ekaterine Batiashvili said...

Barbara, I am (Ekaterine from Tbilisi , Georgia)a daughter of Marina Lazutina (married Batiashvili) who is apparently a grandchild of Sophie (Zosia)-grand grand child of Edmund and this photo is very familier to me we still have some original photos and her diary,she had a son Iura, and 3 grandchildren Edmund,Vadik and Marina my mom...

Kind Regards

Ekaterine Batiashvili

Tbilisi Georgia

Osterloff said...

Ekaterina, I am so happy!!! I cant believe that I found you. I am giving you my private email:
Thank you
Barbara Osterloff
mobile 507 681 038

barbara said...

Ekaterine, how can we catch a contact? I have polish friend in Tbilisi, she can phone to you.
Best regards

Servatius (Jan Weijers) said...

Hi Barbara, I contacted Ekaterine in Tbilisi and asked her to contact you. Hope she will read my message and will contact you soon. Good luck and kind regards, Jan (Servatius)

Barbara said...

Hi, Jan, thank you very much for your help.I'm really lucky.
Best regards

Anonymous said...

It is so special & most humble to see how this lovely image has re-connected you. My daughter Kate is so similar in looks & ways as is Miss Curiousity but my youngest is Sophie,what a lovely coincidence, thank you so much !