Saturday, July 16, 2005

Yuri Gagarin, first man in space; with father and mother (USSR 1961).
Photographer unknown Posted by Picasa


J. k. N. said...

that's all I'm saying.
I love this kind of photography. How have you accuired such a collection?
I hope you have more, because this, so far, is so interesting. Do you know what type of process these all are? and if so could you post them?

I can tell you that this is a site that I will keep an eye on. Gret idea. We don't have enough historical photos in my opinion.

Servatius said...

Thanks for comments.
Collecting, collecting, years and years, that's the only way to acquire a nice collection of photo's. When I started in the 1970's, photo's were still cheap. All published photo's are vintage and/or handprinted ones, from the original negatives on photopaper, mostly printed by the original photographer himself.